Androbar USA
Liquor Control System

American Panel:  Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers
Walk-in, Freezers, Hurri-Chilli Blaster Chiller

Custom Fabrication, Tables and Sinks

Switchable Refrigerator Freezer Drawer Holding

Beer, Soda, Water, Wine/Cocktail and Cold Coffee dispensers
Beer, Soda, Water, Wine/Cocktail and Cold Coffee dispensers

Cold Zone:  Refrigeration Racks, Individual Refrigeration Systems
Packaged Refrigeration System

Earthstone Oven
Wood, Coal, and Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

Biological Waste Eliminator

Oil Management System

G. A. Systems: Serving Counters and Custom Serving Lines
Cafeteria Equipment

Gates Manufactureing
Soiled and Tray Make up Conveyors

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

ITV Ice Makers
Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Hotel Dispensers & Storage Bins

InterMetro Industries Corporation:  Storage and Transportation Solutions, Shelving, Heated Cabinets
Shelving, Heated Cabinets, Banquated Carts, Dollies & more

Montague Company:  Cooking Equipment, Excalibur Suites
Gas Cooking Equipment & Equipment Suites

Red Goat Disposers
High Performing Food Waste-Reduction Equipment

Stero Food Equipment:  Warewashing
Dish Machines and Ware Washing Systems

Salvajor:  Disposer and Disposing Systems, Water Management Disposing
High Efficiency Waste Disposing & Scrapping System

Spray Master Technologies:  Individual and Centralized Pressure Washing Systems
Pressure Washers and Sanitizers

Somat Corporation:  Waste Reduction Technology, Pulpers, Dehydrators, Poly Press
Waste Reduction Technologies

Low Air Volume Hoods

Filter and De-scaler System

TUCKS Equipment
Cook-Chill and Packaging Solutions

Pizza Equipment


Corporate Headquarters
12499 Telecom Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Mailing Address
12499 Telecom Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Contact Details
Phone: 813-615-1115