Scale and Corrosion
Scale is the root cause of virtually all equipment service calls for equipment that use water. Scale causing water prevents equipment from performing as specified and causes premature breakdown. Over 70% of U.S. water supplies are designated as hard to extremely hard water. Minerals contained in hard water cling to solid surfaces and form what is referred to as scale.

Complete Confidence
TERRY water treatment provides you with the answers to scale problems. No other treatment can provide scale elimination more affordably, safely or efficiently. You can now control scale problems that your competition cannot.

At the heart of our product philosophy is a firm commitment to provide real solutions to end-users. We are not just another “scale reducer” technology that is plagued by inconsistent results and only effective in certain regions of the world. We control water everywhere, regardless of the geographic location. TERRY offers superior technology.

Environmentally Friendly
Utilizing an environmentally friendly formulation of CITRYNE, TERRY products eliminate scale without the use of hazardous chemicals. TERRY systems do not waste any water or use electricity. Additionally, these products are NSF and FDA approved.

Exclusive Innovation



  • Prevents scale from depositing in equipment

  • Controls scale on contact

  • Effective in all water conditions

  • No caustic or toxic chemicals

  • Safe for the environment

  • NSF and FDA approved materials

  • No flow restrictions

  • Easy replacement

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